About Us

We approach Manpower search like your future depends on it because it does.

Talent is the key for any organization’s long term success. But the risks and costs of hiring the wrong person someone who misses opportunities or who fails to develop strong teams and partners to achieve results are significant.

We rigorous analyse, apply creativity, logic and sound judgement with the help of search intelligence; our consultant combines the industry and functional expertise with cultural and geographic knowledge to ensure clients have a dynamic selection of candidates to choose from.

Our Mission

It all starts with the needs of our clients. But, their needs are ever changing both due their internal goals as well as those derived from the ever turbulent economic environment. Since its inception, Xcel Hires has built its success around a focus on quality, empowered by a team of talented, experienced consultants and a commitment to meeting client needs working within scope and budget.Our company's management team, which still includes each of our founders, has an unwavering commitment to our growth, centered on a culture that holds strong accountability to our clients.

Our objective has been and will remain- responsiveness to both our partners and clients, helping them to exceed their customer's expectations.

Technology is a constantly moving target. We are acutely aware of the fact that it is merely an enabler. We both invest and evolve ,as better stable technologies are available so as to be in a position to better address the needs of our clients. "Our commitment to partners and clients at times might seem like it has no boundaries and it doesn't."

Our Vision

We at Xcel Hires shall constantly endeavour to achieve total customer satisfaction through uncompromising quality consistently exceeding client expectations.

Why Xcelhire

We value our employees. This was not a decision that we made easily.

Human resource is the most precious resource for any organization. Recruitment of right person on the board of a company is indispensable for success of the organization. At Xcel hires we provide the most innovative & best recruitment solutions for hiring of quality & right manpower for organizations with help of our master recruiters & internal team. We constantly look for experienced candidates from recruitment industry to add value in our organization or anyone who would love to bring new ideas & never hesitate to learn new things!

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